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TimeNow specializes in providing multipart Information Technology solutions and services.


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E-commerce is the most popular business trend in our innovative society, as most modern villages and cities have Internet equipped and it's such a simple process to send payments anywhere in the world via Internet connection. Along with these technologies have risen hundreds of thousands of new digital web stores which sell both physical and digital products to one global marketplace. Business means trade, and trade means transaction. For Internet buyer, what the customers really care about is the security, as there are overwhelming fraud issues happening all around the world nowadays. ShopNow guarantee hundred percent securities online and offline transitions. ShopNow has started its first equipped footstep from Moulovibazar, Sylhet. ShopNow would expand widely in near future with more products in several districts.

ShopNow offers both wholesale & retail pricing (with 5 levels of wholesale discounts) with multi-dimensional products. ShopNow changed the way men and women discover beauty and lifestyle products, clothing, electronics and many more. ShopNow not only has a full Style Insider section but also more like technologies to enhance the lives of people with cognitive disabilities.

Mohammed S A Aziz is the director operations of ShopNow. He has very good organizational skill and the ability to priorities workload to ensure maximum benefit for the customers and the company. He has ability to work under pressure, adaptability, analytical skills, logically thinking and many more skills.

Md. Sohel Rana
Director, Operation- Patuakhali